About Us


Diversified Commercial Services (DCS-USA) serves commercial developers and property managers with all day-to-day activities at their sites and locations. With more than 30 years of experience and a senior leadership team that understands the Triangle Region and beyond, DCS-USA is properly positioned to become a leader in integrated commercial real estate services.


Diversified Commercial Services (DCS-USA) prides itself on delivering quality, comprehensive service that meets the unique needs of every client’s budget. With business relationships in all 50 states, we can do this without compromising quality or professionalism. Our service standards provide for regular communication and attention to detail. By ensuring a consistent service plan using state of the art technology, we have the ability to keep up with deadlines, which instills confidence in the work that is being completed on site.


Diversified Commercial Services LLC was founded in 2015 as a regional property services company. In 2020, Rick restructured the business and established Diversified Commercial Services LLC. Today, DCS-USA serves clients in nearly all 50 states and maintains a commitment to excellence as one of the most recognizable commercial property services firms in the country.